Pupscicle Chill Wraps X-Large - 20-26" neck

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Hand sewn in a variety of colors using quality cotton.  The X-Large Chill Wraps are perfect for that X-Large Pup in your life. This wrap is also suitable for people and it's extra large size makes it great as a scarf or headband. Each wrap is filled with non toxic super absorbent bead that expands up to 400x its size when put in water. The wraps are made complete with two seperate pockets to help keep the crystals evenly distributed as well as help the wrap fit as close around the neck for maximum coolness. 

To use your wrap simple soak in cool or cold water for 20 minutes and tie the wrap around your pets neck to help keep them cool. This wrap can be used over and over again. To clean hand wash with mild soap and hang to dry. Use over and over again!


Examples of dog breeds that would be suitable for this size

Bull Mastiff (100-130 lbs)
Great Dane (~132 lbs)
Great Pyreness (90-125 lbs)
Mastiff (175-190 lbs)
Newfoundland (120-150 lbs)
Rottweiler (~110 lbs)
Saint Bernard (110-121 lbs)