Located in Gatineau, Quebec and servicing the Ottawa and surrounding area, Barking Bone Designs is the result of a merging of two passions. In college, courses in graphic design piqued my interest and led to an ongoing appreciation for media art and its creation. However, as life goes I ended up on a path towards animal rescue; I worked at a local shelter for over two years and became involved in the rescue community. Thus, Barking Bone Designs was born out of desire to beautify the world by creating art, but also by helping animals find a couch to call their own.

Frankly, while life and the path it offers were instrumental in its conception, Barking Bone Designs exists because of Gryphon. A puppy found as a stray in Montreal, Gryphon came to me and grew, and grew, and grew into a big handsome boy. It was he who inspired me to combine my love of art and animals. His striking features, in a variety of bright and lively incarnations, adorn the walls of my home.

For the past five years Barking Bone Designs has endeavoured to provide a modern and artistic rendition of your beloved pet. Be it to showcase your current friend, or honour and remember those that have been and gone – or to have a reminder that, yes, you truly love the little pest despite the destruction of your bedspread - I will provide a customized print that will suit your pet and your home.

Since then the business has expended to include handmade wooden pet feeders.  Again an idea born from watching Gryphon strike a giraffe like pose trying to eat from his bowls on the floor. Each bowl is Canadian made in the small town of Norwood, Ontario and uses solid wood construction. The bowls are removed easily for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. 

Elevated dining prevents stress to the neck and back, promotes better posture and aids in digestion.  Not only that, but since the bowls are held securely in place the dishes will not move around while your pet is eating preventing spills.  With a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes our raised pet feeders can match your taste and style. 


Rescue organization interested in working together for fundraising, please contact me about possible donations and attendance at your events. I would be thrilled to support as much as I can because all the hard work you do has a tremendous impact on the well-being of animals. Please try to contact as early in the year as possible as due to overwhelming requests I can only accommodate so many spots.

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