Bowls Bowls Bowls!

Bowls Bowls Bowls!

So how do customized pet art  and  hand crafted raised pet feeders go together? Well they don't really except for the fact that both projects were inspired by dog Gryphon. This Wolfhound/Saint Bernard Mix bounded into my life when he was a stray from Montreal and I was working a gatineau shelter.  His unique needs (a much taller bowl to suit his gangly frame) and his extreme ability to inspire works of art have impacted all aspects of my life. 
I just finished uploading and inventory of my current wooden feeders I have in stock, and I must say I have a sense of pride. The very first feeder (which I still have to this day and looks great) was made for Gryphon.  Even at 8 months old he would have to splay his legs like a giraffe in order to eat off the  bowls on the floor, knocking them over and sloshing water everywhere!  I had just finished renovating my house and  I didn't feel like the feeders currently available for giant breeds,  made of metal or plastic and prone to griminess, complimented my home.
My dad was recently retired and while never a true woodworker (having a more common day to day job) he always had an interest in wood working.  I created the design and size and that Christmas Gryphon got his feeder.  The one that started it all. After we started getting requests from friends and family for feeders of their own
Since then dad has perfected his craft and taken pride in sanding for smooth finishes and routing edges to create designs.  While a lot of products these days are mass produced at rock bottom prices in foreign countries,  I sincerely believe there is still a demand for the simple hand crafted, quality and  locally made.  I love displaying the bowls at shows and I share each and every compliment with my dad.  I can't believe how far it's come from just one idea, but I guess the enthusiasm of myself and my friends and family have certainly encouraged the concept to blossom. 
I'm so happy that pets around Ontario are now dining in style, with a quality that will last their lifetime.  The bowls have even made it into a couple local stores including the posh Masters 'n Dogs in Westboro.
So here's to the future of the handmade solid wood pet feeders, and hoping that my quest to provide  quality made, affordably priced hand crafted pet feeders to discerning pets and their people continues. 



Here's a pic of Sarah's three kitties enjoying their bowl purchased at the Ottawa Pet Fest



Marshall the happy golden with his Drawer Feeder

This sweet girl couldn't wait to show off her feeder when she got home!


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